A Gift from God.





24" X 36":



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June 18, 2016





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Description: The art is know as Batik. This is a painting produced by alternating lay applying hot wax and cold water fabric dye at intervals to produce the desired image. 

Tha subject matter: this painting is a portrayal of the Maasai woman of East Africa holding and cheerfully raising up her baby up towards heaven as if to say " thank you" to the creator and giver of life. 
Women of the Maasai tribe love their children and regard bearing a child as the ultimate desire of every woman!

The Maasai people of Kenya and their close cousins in Tanzania have defied western encroachment and unlike many of the over 42 tribes in Kenya for example, have held on to their language, dress code, love for cattle and their never ending nomadic lifestyle and held on to their indigenous Culture. 
I use my large paintings to help bring about greater understanding of the Maasai. 
Every piece is accompanied by a brief caption narrating that facet of the Maasai Culture that I seek to explore and explain. 
Other paintings include: "The wisdom of our elders" and "keeping watch".
To buy my art is also a way to helping someone in the Maasai community go to school!
20% of ALL my sales go towards sponsoring a Maasai girl to get through high school or College!
Thanks in advance. 

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