Life Cycles series

Steven A. Scroggins


Steven A. Scroggins


36 x 36 in.



Date Listed:

October 4, 2016





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Description: We mark cycles and seasons of our lives with calendars, clocks, births and deaths. 
There is no way to avoid the impact of our cyclic existence.

This reality stimulates and intrigues me as an artist. The Life Cycles series explores the movement and interplay of these passing moments. This series has several design layouts each usually incorporating circular forms. One composition utilizes three small circles on the left representing the belief we are all triune beings made up of Spirit, Soul & Body, there is a larger circular image to the right standing for the whole of who we are individually or collectively as the human race. In another version of the series I segment the surface into four areas implying changing seasons. Much of the materials utilized are recycled and reclaimed which speaks to our fragile and temporal existence here on Earth. Truly we are all in this together…so let’s make the most of our time!
Picture the cycle of blood flowing within your own body… 
Always moving and constantly changing… 
Listen to your heart beat, feel it pounding out the cycles…

I believe Art can help us connect with who we are.

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