Portrait Raven

Janette 'JKay' Borland


Janette 'JKay' Borland





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December 26, 2018





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Description: A handsome portrait of a raven. Portrait of an intelligent species of bird.

This was a 'dabbling' I created from being inspired by a pair of nesting ravens near my home here in Tucson. I love hearing the whoosh of their wings as they fly over my patio. Magnificent bird.

First, I constructed a ceramic box that is open in the back. There are angled corner pieces in the back to make hanging an easy task. Two small nails inserted into the wall; approximately 3.25" apart. Then just slide the box over the nails and straighten. The artwork will not swing out of place.
Second, gesso the surface and applied acrylic paints to create this portrait. Some of the feathers are painted thickly to give texture. Bits of silver paint was added to highlight.
Thirdly, the piece was coated with satin acrylic clear coat, to protect the surface from environment. However, if not handled properly, the surface will scratch.

It measures 5" x 5" x 1"
A great addition to your wall art groupings.

Not suitable for outdoors.
Shipping included in price.

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