Delightfully Dead

Janette 'JKay' Borland


Janette 'JKay' Borland





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December 26, 2018





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Description: Dee Dee is “full of life.” She loves to dance and laugh. She is posed fully engaged in her joy!

Sculpted Figure of a Dancing Skeleton Woman dressed in a "heavy-stitch" Suede jacket and black swishing full skirt imprinted with roses (hand painted with glaze). The petticoat is revealed underneath her skirt as she kicks up her cowgirl boots and reveals her lovely leg bones.

Over her 'ear' she wears a porcelain red rose.

Height is 8". Base is 3.5 x 3.5

Glazed in lead-free glazes. Dee Dee’s jacket and boots are glazed with underglazes that gives them a matte suede-look.

Clay is white B-mix. High fired.

The base is heavy (thick) to compensate for the backward lean of the pose. Due to the thickness, the interior has minimal cracking inside the hollow of the base; this occurred during the drying process. No effect on the stability of the piece.

Disclosure: The porcelain rose on the side of her head was added after she was embellishment that was not created with my hands.

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