Douglas Diggs

Janette 'JKay' Borland


Janette 'JKay' Borland





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December 26, 2018





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Description: Kneeling Gentleman Skeleton Man:

I have nicknamed him Doug, (a.k.a. Douglas Diggs.) – A humble and honorable skeleton. A past life of integrity. Maybe he is some "body" you know, or knew.

Kneeling Man is well-dressed in prairie coat, vest, suede pants, cowboy hat, and boots. Hand on his heart; he kneels upon a stone-look base that was lightly washed with velvet underglazes. Boots have the suggestion of carved leather. (The rumor is that Douglas is infatuated with Dee Dee :-)

Height is 8". Base is 4.5 x 4

Glazed in lead-free glazes. Doug’s boots are glazed with Velvet underglazes to give them a matte suede-look.

The base is heavy (thick) to compensate for the backward lean of the pose. Due to the thickness, the interior has minimal cracking inside the hollow of the base; this occurred during the drying process. No effect on the stability of the piece.

Clay is white B-mix. High fired.

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