Rebekah Littlefield


I have always loved art. I would spend hours and hours drawing and painting with headphones on- just getting lost. I even went to school for it for a few years- but let it go because life got in the way, and I was told by so many people, "you don't want to be an artist, you will starve to death" I like to eat, so that scared me and I just let it go. Last year was one of the worst years in my life and I hope no one will ever have to endure what myself and my wonderful family had to go through. My older brother Jacob Johnson died from heart failure at the young age of 35 On June 18th 2010. Then in July my grandfather N.A died- thankfully he lived a long loving life. Then- in August my father and I watched my grandmother Kitty die. She was suffering from cancer and gave it a good fight. I got to look into her beautiful eyes one last time, told her I LOVE her- and watched her go home to the Lord. Having 3 family members pass in 3 months was something my heart and head could not bare. I fell apart, slowly, little by little and lost myself- while hiding behind the I'm FINE smile. Those deaths made me start to take a close look at my life, and I had to ask myself some really hard questions. In June 2011, I started the divorce proceedings, and found myself once again in complete and utter heartbreak. In shear and intense pain, I picked up the paint brush again- and started painting my brothers poems. Putting his words to color and life, saved my own life. So, here I am! Painting- and what you see is what I see in my life. Pain, fear,happiness and most of all- LOVE. Welcome to my WORLD.

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