Jacqueline Davis


So...After spending forty plus years in a suit and stillettos battling dragons, I find myself in my studio cutting and polishing stone and creating settings.  I had hobbies over the years.  I have been an actor.  I learned how to work with stained glass, and learned beading from some marvelous women on a reservation in Montana.  Then I discovered the stones and the joy of working with a rock to uncover the beauty within.Precious and semi-precious stones are a joy to work with. I now do all my cabachons, then create the setting in silver or copper.  Copper is much more difficult to work with, but it has a warmth and compliments so many of the gems so well.  I feel the stones each have their own vibration, and benefit the person who wears them. The necklaces are designed to compliment and augment the major stone, and I love working with the colors and textures to find what works just right. This is my passion.

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