Patrick A Zabel


    I thank God I live in the American west and was born and raised here. I have had a burning passion for the west, its lifestyles and history since I can remember. I enjoy the strength and beauty of bronze to portray the images I am inspired to sculpt. There is an old native saying I love," When the legends die there are no more dreams, when the dreams die there is no more greatness." My hope and belief is that through God's grace my art is a portrayal and telling of such things as legend. To show the richness of our western heritage and inspire dreams of our future greatness in this life.I am a 5th generation native of Routt County, CO. Born in Steamboat Springs in 1959. My great great grandfather on my mothers side, settled in Steamboat while working on the blasting crew that forged the way for the laying of the Moffat railway. My grandfather on my fathers side, moved his family to the coal mining camp of Mount Harris, CO. In the 1930's. He worked in the sawmill that provided the timbers for the underground coal mine.I started my sculpting at a very young age and have always been in awe of the works of real cowboy artists like Charlie Russell, Curtis Zabel(my uncle), Will James and many others. I studied, and still do, these artists with a passion.Growing up with a vivid imagination and dream of the west old and new, I worked on ranches, cowboy'd, trained horses and worked as guide on hunting and pack trips in Northwest Colorado. The rodeo dream grabbed hold of me when I was 13. I rode bareback broncs in Little britches, high school and then PRCA Rodeo, leaving home after high school to hit the rodeo trail.I have a degree in Theology and have trained in and taught tracking and wilderness survival. I endeavor to put the feeling of my experiences in to my sculptures.I have a great admiration for Native American lifestyles and have studied some native languages.The seclusion and ruggedness of the west holds a sacred place in my heart. I am thankful to God that I was born here and live here still

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