Melinda Melvin


             The Art of Looking Beyond the SurfaceI create with intuition graced with inspiration. My paintings employ my unique use of paint, ink and resin giving them a 3 dimensional appearance that draws the viewer in and seems to demand to be touched. I akin my painting to that of getting to know a friend; the first impressions quickly give way to intricacies and findings not readily apparent at first glance. It is my hope that each painting will continue to unfold over years of exploration. Due to the inherent nature of my work the qualities that are so intriguing do not often present well via digital media. I hope you will take time to look below the surface.As a  Registered Nurse for thirty years, this is a direction I never imagined myself taking. I find myself driven to create art and to share it. Art has become a passion and my joy. Art is life and life is art. I am both artist and nurse, woman, wife and friend. It is with these words that I invite you into my world.    

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