Cheryl Halverson


ARTIST’S STATEMENT With a scientific background and a love for the outdoors most of my inspiration is from the natural world.  Always torn between the creative and the analytical I have a particular fascination with things found at boundaries, natural, philosophical, or visual. Exploring the intersection of man-made objects with the natural world is as intriguing as the sunlit edge of an open glade meeting the dark forest wall or the curl of a petal in the sun.   To attempt a portrait of a single flower in its natural habitat intrigues me more than a still life.   The body language of a living animal or person counts for more than a stiff formal portrait.  Landscapes, real or imagined, rouse my painterly passions more than the most fabulous cityscape.  I started as a transparent watercolorist.  But I am no longer a purist.  The image is what counts.  By choice (and because of allergies) I limit my materials to  watermedia and collage including watercolor,  ink, acrylic, water soluble pencils and pastels, and various solid watercolor sticks and crayons.  

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