Vicki A. West


My artistic "voice" emerged at a fairly early age and encouraging parents and teachers kept it going . . . . Flash forward . . .  "Found on Flootie" and reviews in Artist Marketing Resources and five WA state publications by New York artist, writer and critic Maria Kazalia, July 2015My work hangs in private homes across the U.S., the Winthrop Historical Museum, Spokane Studio Art Tour, SWS Juried/Member shows at the NW MAC (Oct. - Dec. 2016), the Land Trust Bldg., April 2016, the NEW William Grant Gallery in Kendall Yards (June, 2016) and as I have for many years now, I will take part in the Spokane Studio Art Tour, Sept. 10 and 11 here at my home studio/gallery.  I teach privately here at home and conduct workshops on location.  You are welcome any time by appointment.

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