Shanda Woodward


VINTAGE COLLAGE | Mt. Spokane, WAMy love for collage started when I was very young. I would collect things from Mother Nature and make my own little nature treasures.My art form really took shape when I inherited my Grandmother's button box. Inside this old tin I found not only buttons. There were perm rods, garters and bits of costume jewelry. I've always been an avid junker and find delight in ordinary objects from everyday life. I love old costume jewelry, stuff from dad's workbench, and small bits from the junk drawer. I work with discarded rusty nails, bolts and even the occassional spark plug! Truth be known,..I spend alot of time looking at the street or parking lot below my feet. I use these items to collage keepsake boxes, frames, crosses, furniture and other decorative items. Most of my materials are reclaimed, including the vessels I use for my collage motifs.My collages are very intrique and detailed. My hope is that when my work is seen, you see something hiding you hadn't noticed before. Look closely, look often and ENJOY!"Lost and found, wasted yet wanted, odd yet necessary, bits of life and culture made into things that are fun, stimulate memory and give us pause."

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