I am Nicholas Sironka, a Kenyan Maasai Batik artist with a God given talent and reside in Spokane Washington. I am also a motivational speaker and storyteller, and use facets of my Maasai Culture to share and clearly articulate the ways of our people, the Maasai. Our people say "words as nourishment for the spirit". It is with this saying in mind that I chose  to weave my words together with a view to celebrating, enhancing cohesion, acceptance and a greater understanding of the Maasai culture and peace between all people of the world. All my speaking engagement presentations, Maasai Culture and Batik art classes are appropriately tailored to suite ALL ages.   Teaching Batik art: For the past twenty three years, I have enjoyed teaching Batik art to students of all ages. My classes help to enhance individual talent and one's confidence in expressing his or her untapped creative ability. My art exhibitions in which I create large Batik paintings seek to help bring about a greater understanding of  the Maasai Culture.           Every piece of art that I produce has a caption articulating that facet of Maasai culture so as to help the viewer understand the content and composition of each piece.This has enhanced an appreciation for diversity, and a respect for our diverse values and beliefs.My Philosophy:  "I believe that if I can use my artistic talent, to touch another life and make it better, then I will be fulfilling the purpose for which God put me on this earth". 

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