Rebecca Tifft


REBECCA TIFFT, Photographic ArtistBy Robin BishopRebecca is a true photographer.  She set out, with legitimate camera in hand, to capture images that represent moments, objects or history that others may not have an opportunity to see.  Whether it's wild animals in their natural setting or micro subjects such as fall foliage laden with water droplets, Rebecca's images resonate on an instinctive level.Having a natural artist's eye, Rebecca turns her appreciation for nature, history, real life, or just memorable moments, into images that beg you to slow down and observe the story they tell.  She has always had a passion for capturing dying history, such as old barns, cars, and houses in rural areas like the Palouse or in southern Idaho where she was raised.  Her love of photography started early.  However, teaching at an Eskimo village in Alaska ended up leading to fifteen summers of guide and naturalist work in the Denali National Park.  With such appetizing subject matter and her previous art studies, Rebecca found herself perfectly positioned to provide a visual voice to conservation and awareness, a subject she is quite passionate about.Rebecca painstakingly edits each photo until she achieves the emotional content it filled her with when she was taking it.  Along with deciding whether to present the image unadulterated, she does play with digital edits, such as layering images together to achieve a specific story, such as old paper textures over a farm house to achieve an aged and battered story, or a superimposed image of old clock works over a golden field of grain with an old barn.  Whether she's adjusting the exposure, the contrast, light, saturation, or adding additional elements, Rebecca's inner artist achieves an impressive and thought-provoking response.Follow Rebecca Tifft on Facebook (RebeccaTifftPhotography) or on her website or contact her at (509)389-4252

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