Cecile Charles


As a multi-discipline artist. I work in watercolor, gouache, paper, wood, clay, metals, and digital media for both surface design as well as; of all things, a couple of slot-machines.  I am excited by some of the directions my art has developed into and the countries I am headed out to for some of my installation works. I live off-grid away from the hustle and bustle and distractions of the city, where my husband and I enjoy the life of a hand-built tiny house. At the same time I write under a pseudonym for a rather large print/digital media which gets my creative juices flowing in a multitude of directions. I recently reopened my home studio for some local visibility. I have another cookbook coming out as well as series of rather frightening (understatement) sci-fi books near finished and on the horizon for publishing. I use a P.O. Box in Spokane for all business.  If you want to see everything I do out in the world Google, Cecile Grace Charles, and then click on the shopping tab. 

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