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About: Painting and drawing is not only a passion it is something inside that as an artist I am compelled to do … show people the beauty from my eyes… in the world around us today hopefully give more appreciation to see what we are so lucky to have in our lives no matter where we live or our circumstances… personally I feel very blessed to have the gift which I do….and not until I have become older ….did I realize ..and I suppose took for granted… that not everyone can paint and draw…I mainly work in acrylics, oils and pastels and find myself painting my life that surrounds me .. Having been an artist since the age of 5.. I completed vocational art in public school, Art in high school and went on to complete Industrial Design in College.. I have done many shows across Canada to promote my work, Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, The By Hand Show Toronto,  many art venues and also accepted in the juried show of the Western Art Showcase at the Calgary Stampede.. my main subject is the horse ... being an equine artist .. but I also do other animals, wildlife, scenery upon my clients requests...

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I am an artist who lives in Spokane, Washington. I have taken a few art classes which I have enjoyed immensely, but am basically self taught. I paint huge murals or small works on canvas, wood, walls etc. and have enjoyed working with acrylics, mixed media, cold wax and oil but also creating with glass mosaics. I believe art should be lovely, beautiful and uplifting. Nature inspires me and I am filled with gratitude every day for the gifts God has given me: my life, my eyesight, the ability to paint and create art and for each day that I am alive. What a breathtaking and beautiful world this is and we are living in it!

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My name is Anthony M. Grimaldi of JourneyManDesigns, a resident of New York City, a metropolis of successful and starving artists of every stripe and persuasion. I am content to be either, but never to be neither.

I am a born artist and illustrator, with a fierce creative drive. As a child, I was always drawing, sketching, and building sets for my friends and I to play on with our toys. As a young man, to earn a living, I engaged in many creative pursuits, including theater, acting, drumming, and professional culinary arts as well. In April 2000 I attended the Katherine Gibbs School and acquired an Associate’s Degree in Visual Communications and Illustration.

After graduating, I joined the US Navy as a Mass Communications Specialist where I was able to utilize my artistic skills and talents for 2 years by designing posters, promotions, and advertisements aboard the USS Saipan and designed layout, banners, text and photo corrections for its yearbook.

After my honorable discharge I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online to obtain a Bachelor's in Web Design & Interactive Media. After graduating in 2010, I decided I did not want to earn a living designing websites, but decided instead to promote and market myself as JourneyManDesigns: Illustrator & Graphic Designer, with the intent of freelancing and acquiring a client base. The modern business world thrives and functions on global inter-connectivity and communication more than ever, and it will only increase. This is an area I daily explore and navigate with increasing expertise and knowledge, allowing me to discover and establish contact with a vast variety of potential clients and business opportunities to develop and grow my business.

My technique of combining and blending illustration and graphic design allow virtually no limits for interpreting whatever my imagination is inspired to create, enabling me to design with unlimited creativity and visual imagination. With this technique, I offer greater flexibility, variability, and choices that assure maximum artistic achievement in every design for every client. Though each medium has its own tools and character, the true artist not only masters each one individually, but combines and blends each together to achieve the ultimate artistic vision. As a graphic design artist & illustrator, this artistic vision is my constant thought and primary goal.

Using nothing but persistence and perseverance has inspired me to strike out independently as a freelancer, globally seeking individuals, companies and opportunities to design and create.

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About: Arlene was born in Ketchikan, the first city in southeastern Alaska, along the Inland Passage.  She, along with her older and younger brother, enjoyed growing up in the land of "The Last Frontier" swimming, boating, and fishing on the wonderful waters of the inland passage.  As a young woman Arlene came to the "lower 48".  She and her husband Richard moved to Northwest Oregon and established a home near the Columbia River.  Upon retirement they have moved to a family home of Richard's in Vancouver, Washington.

Arlene's paintings reflect the areas she has lived.  Water and space are a part of the very fibers of her being and give peace to her and substance to her life and her art.  Her work captures the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest along the lower Columbia River and much of her work contains subjects of historical interest and is reminiscent of an earlier time.