About Flootie

There are many “Art for Sale” sites on the Internet. Most have a checkout for people to purchase their work as well. These sites are focused on a business model of driving a volume of visitors pushing through thousands of artists in a numbers game of percentage of sales and fees. Often these sites also sell their own purchased artworks from bulk dealers in other countries therefore competing with the very artists who subscribe to their sites. Flootie.com is not that type of Art Site. Our goal is to foster the experience of purchasing artwork between the artist and the inspired art buyer. This has much to do with knowing the artist, their inspiration and most important the seller and buyer to develop a good line of communication. Flootie.com leaves the transaction up the buyer and seller and we charge no commissions for sales. This way we do not compete with other art sites on the internet. Our goal is to support the artists with the tools they need to find their audience and for their audience to have the experience of purchasing artwork they will cherish for a lifetime. That is why we say Flootie.com is “Making Art Personal”.