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October 17, 2015





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Description: Thirteen Moons on a Turtle's Back 

Many Native Americans share the knowledge of the thirteen moons on a turtle’s back. As children they are taught to examine the segments on the back of every turtle. There are thirteen large segments which represent the thirteen moons which make up the lunar year. By counting the smaller segments around the lower edge of the shell, you will find there are 28, which represents the 28 days between new moons.

Every group of Native Americans has names for the thirteen moons and there are stories to go with each new moon. The names of the moons and the stories that accompany them vary from one group to another, but each is descriptive of the season in which the new moon appears. 

The Human Body carries the same calendar as follows:

2 shoulder, 2 elbow, 2 wrist joints = 6
2 hip, 2 knees, 2 ankle joints = 6
universal neck joint= 1

Total 13

10 fingers
10 toes
8 directions(east, west, south, north, sky, earth, inner and outer)

Total 28

The Turtle is also 6 pointed star (Head, 2 Top/2 Lower flippers and Tail) [*Sacred Star of David and other sacred geometry]

Human Beings are made of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and the Elements of the Universe and Sparked to Life By The Dream of The Creator and have a dream destiny yet to be revealed with the Universe.

The Medicine of Turtle is “Mother Earth.” 

Turtle Clan are made up of the intellectuals, wise people and are often called “star gazers” because they are known for their constant pursuit of meditation and philosophy. They solve the problems within the nation. The turtle is the leader of the fish clan. In this clan we have different types of fish such as migrating, territorial, bottom feeders, top eaters, late spanners, early spanners.

Brief History of the Anishinaabek

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