Angela Lloyd-Briggs


Painting and drawing is not only a passion it is something inside that as an artist I am compelled to do … show people the beauty from my eyes… in the world around us today hopefully give more appreciation to see what we are so lucky to have in our lives no matter where we live or our circumstances… personally I feel very blessed to have the gift which I do….and not until I have become older ….did I realize ..and I suppose took for granted… that not everyone can paint and draw…I mainly work in acrylics, oils and pastels and find myself painting my life that surrounds me .. Having been an artist since the age of 5.. I completed vocational art in public school, Art in high school and went on to complete Industrial Design in College.. I have done many shows across Canada to promote my work, Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, The By Hand Show Toronto,  many art venues and also accepted in the juried show of the Western Art Showcase at the Calgary Stampede.. my main subject is the horse ... being an equine artist .. but I also do other animals, wildlife, scenery upon my clients requests...

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