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Rush Cole


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January 17, 2016





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Description: "WHITE HORSE MEADOW", 16" x 20", Oil on Panel, 20" x 24.5" Framed Size. Wired for exhibit.

"WHITE HORSE MEADOW" was inspired by an Andalusian stallion owned by a friend of mine. Tom is a life long horseman, having studied Spanish Dressage with American and European masters for more than a decade before beginning to teach. He invited me to his ranch here in New Mexico a few years ago to meet and photograph his beloved "Brincoso".

Translated from Spanish, "Brincoso" means "leaper". Bred and trained to use their inherent athleticism and ability to leap high into the air from a standing start, Andalusians (Now referred to as P.R.E. horses: "Pura Raza Espanol".) were prized and jealously guarded as war horses. Able to perform "airs above the ground" maneuvers while carrying an armed soldier on them (Think Napoleon with a saber.), Andalusians were not allowed out of Spain until well into the twentieth century.

Inside the high wooden fence of the corral, Tom directed his gray stallion through his paces. Born nearly black, gray P.R.E. horses lighten as they mature. Brincoso ran and kicked and cavorted and I managed to capture most of his antics on film. But it wasn't until he stopped and looked back at me over his shoulder that I connected with his soul. As clearly as if he'd spoken in English, I "heard" him ask. "Did you get what you need? Are we done yet?"

I painted Brincoso as he showed himself to me, blazing white in the early morning sunlight, the shadow of his regal head perfectly silhouetted on his withers. Instead of the corral, though, I brushed in a nearby pasture, surrounded by autumn woods.

One of my very favorite subjects!


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