Rush Cole


Rush Cole


48" x 72"



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January 17, 2016





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Description: This Tennessee Walker stallion has the word "gold" as part of his name. His owner whistled him in out of the field so that she could groom him before I photographed him. She kept apologizing for his dusty coat, but all I saw was shimmering gold in motion. Then she "parked" him and I knew that was how I would paint this glorious horse that was as friendly and happy as a puppy.

Tennessee Walkers were bred by plantation owners in the American South. Required to ride many miles every day overseeing their land, they determined to develop a smooth riding horse, a four-legged Cadillac if you will. Gradually, the hind legs of what would become known as Tennessee Walkers became longer than normal in proportion to the front legs. The effect was not unlike a great pair of shock absorbers on an auto.

Walkers tend to "park" naturally, too, because of their longer hind legs; it's easy to imagine that their spines are more relaxed on the level instead of bowed if they stood with their legs positioned as other horses do.

Included with "Gold" in this painting is a paler version of him, a mare who was every bit as royal in appearance as the stallion.

Most definitely a "trophy" painting, this canvas is perfect for a large wall on which it can be exhibited as beautifully and dramatically as the golden horses that are its subjects!


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