PEARL'S LOOM Original Oil Painting

Rush Cole


Rush Cole


48" x 36"



Date Listed:

March 3, 2016





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Description: Pearl was weaving when I happened by, sitting at the loom she told me her husband had built for her, busily creating glorious art out of wool. I asked how long she'd been working on this piece and she guessed.

"Two or three months, maybe," she shrugged. "But, you know, it's not like I just sit and weave for eight to ten hours a day."

"No? What else is there?" I asked.

"Well, first there are the sheep, a couple dozen of them that I must make sure have graze and water every day. And that they are safe from predators. Then I must shear them, clean, card and spin the wool. And then I dye it and weave with it."

"Wow! That's a lot of prep work."

"You bet!" Pearl agreed. "I only use vegetal colors for this yellow here is from Chamisa blooms. And the reds I get from berries and insects and such. All of the white, gray, tan, brown and black are straight from the different colored sheep, so those don't need to be dyed."

"Do you like weaving?" I asked, ingenuously.

"No." Pearl shook her head before looking straight at me. "I LOVE weaving, and everything about it! I wouldn't trade what I do for anything. Would you?"

I shook my head now. "No, I would not."

"Then we are alike, you and I," the weaver decided before returning her attention to her loom.

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