Dawie Mocke


The Art of Dawie Mocke Dawie was born in 1975 and grew up in the small town of Pietersburg in the Northern part of South Africa. Surrounded by game farms and reserves, Dawie spent most of his holidays in the KrugerPark, therefore his love for the African wildlife. Dawie matriculated in 1993 at the PietersburgHigh School and moved on to become a restaurant manager for 10 years. With no formal art education Dawie kept in practice by drawing the menu boards for restaurant specials in pastels. 7 Years ago Dawie decided to draw a horse in pencil, “I fell in love with the feeling of putting pencil to paper”. Dawie’s drawings are done in the highest detail to create a “super realistic” effect and therefore give a soft touch to the eye. Dawie started teaching himself to paint in acrylics a by using airbrushing techniques, bringing in the experience of super realism to the wildlife using ultra fine paint brushes. Dawie currently lives in Johannesburg South Africa

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