Roberto Edmanson-Harrison


Master of Arts in Art & Design, Bachelor of Arts in Holistic Counselling, Associate in Art History.Born in West Hartlepool, Co.Durham, England. As well as being a talented Painter, Designer, Photographer and he is also an accomplished Sculptor In Wood, Stone & alternative media.Rob has had many successful exhibitions in Ireland, England & United States. He has also contributed to joint & Group exhibitions elsewhere around Europe. He is a member of Fellowship of Professional & Amateur Artists, along with being a member of AAH, VAGA & ICA in the UK and the American Artist Guild.One of his most notable Artistic Patrons being, the Ex-President of Ireland, her Excellency the Honourable Mrs. Mary Robinson who is seen pictured holding one of Roberto's paintings.  The piece was delivered by one of Roberto's students, just before her term of office came to and end.In 1999, he and his wife moved to the Isle of Man, where he commenced a new career path in Finance. He has spent the last ten years developing his knowledge of business, within the Island’s Finance and local Government Sectors. Roberto’s agency ‘ArtworkX of Mann’ now a global brand with Art Agents in the UK, Ireland, Greece, Germany, USA, Australia and Thailand it represents yet another phase in his development as an Artist and Businessman.His company is a new concept in Art Promotion and Marketing, many of his ideas drawn from his experiences as an Artist & Businessman, which means of course that, it makes him ideally placed to represent his clients, namely other Artists. His Company’s gallery website is just one of the many tools which the agency uses to help promote and sell artists works.It has a dual purpose in firstly demonstrating to the viewer the vast amounts of artistic talent currently available on the Isle of Man, UK, Europe and further afield. It also affords art Investors worldwide a unique business opportunity. In this current economic climate, it gives the investor a chance of entering into a Low - Medium risk Investment in a niche market, namely the Art’s. In addition to this, each Investor is getting the added benefit of Literally watching their investment whilst it grows.

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