Natalie Stewart-Utley


A tad bit of background. I remember as a child sitting on my mother's lap, or laying on the floor next to her and her easel, watching her paint. It was always relaxing, quiet, tranquil with only the sounds of creaking floorboards and stiff bristles scratching and swiping the canvas. Even now, with children of my own, I still enjoy watching my mom work and I hope that I can be as inspiring to my kids when I paint as my mom has been to me.  I've worked with lots of different mediums as well as subjects. I used to do large figurative narrations, but just recently began working landscapes. One of my goals is that I want these little paintings to bring up delightful emotions with a strong sense of Home that is warm and good and ultimately- freeing. A place where the viewer can drop all the hardships and trials and be brought to a place a peace and beauty...

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