Marcela Rogel de Pepper


Marcela Rogel de Pepper Born in San Miguel de TucumanNationality Argentinian/BritishCurrently living and working in London UKI am an emerging and self taught artist, drawing and painting have always been part of my life, I remember my first drawing it was a sketch of my favorite cartoons; I was probably eight or nine years old. It was then when I realised that I wanted to be an artist. For those things in life I have not had the opportunity to pursue a career as an artist; however I've always tried to improve my skills by learning from videos and books.I love painting landscapes and portraits using different mediums, but my favorite is oil.As an artist, I like to create paintings that speak both to me and others about the drama and beauty that exists in life, I like to create paintings that makes everyone feel like they are part of it.Every brush stroke reflects the life and hope nature brings, I want my art to leave a lasting impression in those who view them.

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