Ginny Brennan


Ginny Brennan, Artist, Life Coach Watercolors, Gouache, Acrylics & Upcycle/Recycle Art - Growing up in sunny Southern California with a very colorful and artistic family allowed my desire to create and expand. My early artistic experiences involved the pacific ocean, beautiful mountains, deserts and yes lots of sunlight. - The Pacific Northwest Influence - I have had the fortune to reside in other beautiful west coast cities.   California brought out my desire to paint bright and beautiful colors; the Pacific Northwest has allowed me to see a richer, deeper and greener side of nature along with the beautiful dew and forest greens.  Seattle living allowed me to participate in artistic co-op and one of the largest Watercolor Society Associations allowing me to learn and work with great artists. - Chicago - Living in the central US instilled in me an urban appeal for painting buildings, appreciation of placing people in art and a true appreciation of the three seasons. - Appalachia - and lastly thriving in Southwest Virginia while residing there twice for over 10 years;  where I was able to experience the most sunny, natural beauty there is.  Living in the Highlands of SW Virginia will always hold a special place in my heart and art, as being there inspired me to continue developing my art and painting with new views , different skies and an abundance of sunlight and belonging to a historic art co-op allowed me to participate in may local art events and work with very talented Southern Artist. - Spokane - Now rooted and settled back in the Pacific Northwest having had such great living experiences across the US, I continue to develop an understanding of our state's natural beauty and opportunities to be exposed to such a wonderful spectrum of color. Overall my art has been part of my life for over 20 years and my career with commercial interior and furnishings allowed me to express art in a variety of different ways. - Influencers - I so admire the work of Winslow Homer , Charles Reid, as well as English Artist, Richard Taylor.  I enjoy studying these and other well know artist, which allows me to better understand the medium.  The uncertainty and excitement of watercolor successes and failures keeps me striving for an even better composition or capturing a great light or finding just the right color.  I am always searching for a beautiful landscape, a great human interaction, or a lovely flower.

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