bari cordia federspiel


    STATEMENTWatercolor painting was once just an idea, a dream I had.  I didn’t have time; I was too busy working as a different kind of artist.  Life changed, and I knew I needed to make my dream a reality.  I’ve now been painting with watercolor since 2003 – my work constantly changing as I keep learning and doing new things.  I paint subjects I love, and strive to glorify God through my work. I seem to pick one category at a time to delve into with paint –  I’ve painted series of architectural structures, portraits, and landscapes, cupcakes, flowers, and a whole bunch of chickens!  I have fun painting, but take it very seriously – learning, learning, learning as I go, trying new subjects and different ways to look at everyday scenes and interesting patterns in the environment.   BIOGRAPHY I was born in Arkansas to two struggling college students; dad had just returned from WWII and was going to school on the GI bill. He returned to the military as an officer after earning his degree and the family lived all over the world. Both of my parents were artists; my mother taught oil painting and dad did very detailed architectural watercolor paintings.    I married Pete Graves in 1967 – a government employee who moved the family from California to Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Oregon, and then Spokane, Washington.  After 36 years of marriage, Pete passed away at the age of 57.   I realized life is short and my dream of watercolor painting shouldn’t wait.  I retired from the graphics art career and began a new path. I also married Frank Federspiel who lived next door and had lost his spouse as well.   Besides painting, I enjoy making gourmet cupcakes and other pastries, working in my church as a teacher and resident artist, and especially love being with my children and grandchildren.  Frank and I also enjoy traveling.   I'm a member of the Spokane Watercolor Society and have served as vice president. I worked as a teacher of private and class piano instruction from 1965-1980. From 1976-2003 I worked in graphic arts as a sign and mural painter and a “splash artist” for ads and novelty art on business windows. People throughout the United States have purchased my paintings; I have shown them in many venues in Washington and Idaho, and have won several awards.

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