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I will tell you upfront.  I have been painting seriously since 1967.  That is probably longer ago than many of you have been alive.

E.L.Stewart’s paintings are a convergence of realistic figure and

abstract painting.  She studied at a private design school for

illustration, graphic design and advertising.  “Since leaving

 school, I have encountered a lifetime of inspiration through

experience and exploration,” says Stewart.  “I have gradually

moved into creating work that encompasses both of my loves:

a love of rendering the human figure in narrative and an

expressive abstraction.   Stewart’s paintings hang in many

private collections throughout the United States and is

included in the art collection of Gonzaga University in Spokane,

 Washington. Her work is represented by the Little Dog

Gallery-Spokane. She also shows her paintings intermittently

throughout the N.W.

Look for her work in the pages of American Art Collector magazine and the Essential Guides for Spokane, Coeur d Alene and Walla Walla! See her ad in the Spokane Coeur d Alene Living Magazine!  Also, paintings are featured in the Santa Fe, Taos and the Charleston issues of the Essential Guides.

Stewart's works, original paintings on heavy stretched canvas,  ready to hang, some are framed, range in price from  $850. and up, here and now, but will likely change in January.  CHEERS!

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